Business Marketing Magnets

We've always believed that business marketing magnets are one of the most powerful and effective ways to keep your brand and contact information in sight of your prospects and existing customers for a very long time. Just take a walk to the fridge for a snack- there they are, waiting for the next time you need a plumber, a realtor, or your kids' game schedule. Next time you pull up to a red light, what do you see in front of you? That's right, more magnets, from charity and patriotic ribbons to paw print team mascot logos, magnets keep the message in view 24/7!

Zephyr Promos is your best personal source for all your business marketing magnet needs: die cut refrigerator magnets, wedding "save the date" magnets, full color photo business card and calendar magnets, custom car magnets, pink and yellow ribbon magnets- the list goes on and on. Give us a call toll free at 1-866-832-6565 and let us help you find the right magnet for you!


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Custom Marketing Magnets
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